CUTE Hooded Baby Towel - Grayson and Rose, Soft, Quality 100% Cotton e-raorganics honeybuns diaper balm
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hooded baby towel

CUTE Hooded Baby Towel - Grayson and Rose, Soft, Quality 100% Cotton

YOU'VE FOUND IT! THE CUTER, SOFTER, LARGER, THICKER DUCK HOODED TOWEL. IT'S JUST A BETTER TOWEL! - Kids love the adorable embroidered design. - Watch their Grayson and Rose duck towel become their favorite part of bath time! EXTREMELY SOFT FOR BABY'S TENDER SKIN - Hypoallergenic, All Natural 100% Cotton - Highly Absorbent and Durable - Unlike other natural fibers, cotton does NOT require toxic chemicals to transform its natural fibers into soft, fluffy fabric. Cotton is best for baby. SPECIAL LARGE SIZE FITS NEWBORN INFANTS TO CHILDREN AGE 5 - Towel measures 35" x 35" - Hood measures 7" from top of the head, so your child can see while wearing their super cute duck towel. Designed to fit any newborn, 1 year old, toddler, and child up to age 5. LUXURIOUS THICKNESS KEEPS BABY WARM FOR AFTER BATH SNUGGLES - Thicker Than Most Baby Towels - 500-Gram Weight - Perfect for any weather from hot summer to chilly winter.
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